Damian Dugdale

Hello, Damian here. Chances are you've found this page because you've followed a link from my email or Twitter page. It's a holding page for the domain I use for my email, so nothing really to see.

But it does mean, I can add a few more links for you to click. For work, you can find me at WDO Innovation and web c3p0. Most of what I do is on the web, working with innovation and idea management (think crowdsourcing or ideation), communication and social media. But you will also find me at WDO, the communication agency based in Skellefteå, helping out with Creative Summit every year.

You can follow me on Twitter, add me to a circle on Google+ or we can connect on LinkedIn.

And on that note, thanks for stopping by, but before you go, don't forget to visit Bygdsiljum First as it's the project that I'm most interested in, even though it is the slowest moving one.